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How to Have More Engaging Calls with Call Whisper

If you are a sales or marketing person, or if you are staffing a call centre, then your main objective is to get more leads, convert them into customers and generate revenue. Most of the time, doing this is easier said than done. But with call whisper, that might not be the case anymore. You can now conduct more engaging and productive calls.

What is call whisper?

Call whisper, or sometimes known as call screening, is a great way to make your calls more personalised. This feature helps you qualify leads without needing to ask them. When you’re on a call with a prospect, you often need to spend the first minute understanding who they are and why they’re calling. But what if you could easily analyse the lead before even talking to them? What if you can distinguish which product or service they’re interested in? Or even which marketing sources prompted them to call you?

Call whisper makes it possible for you to know it all before the conversation takes place! It is a feature that plays a message to provide you more information on your caller so that you have the added advantage of tailoring the conversation and pitching your products or services to the prospect based on their needs from the go-get.

How does call whisper work?

When someone calls your AVANSER number, they will hear your greeting message and then be placed on hold before reaching you. While they are waiting, your phone will ring and play the whisper message. 

Whisper messages are created by you so they can be as detailed as your business needs. This allows you to customize your message according to specific criteria, such as if it’s a new or existing customer or where they’re calling from. This information helps you determine how best to serve that caller. 

You can also use call whisper to identify which advertising source generated the call by using unique phone numbers for each campaign. For example, if your business advertises on three social media platforms, you could assign a unique phone number to each social media platform and set up those numbers to play different messages when someone calls them. When someone calls from one of those numbers, your team will hear “This is a call from FB campaign XYZ” before answering the call.

You can also automatically identify repeat customers with call whisper so that when they call again, your team knows it’s an existing customer and can treat them accordingly. This enhances their experience and makes them feel valued by your team and business.

What are the benefits of using call whisper?

When you’re running your business, it can be hard to be attentive to everything. For example, when you receive an incoming call when you’re attending to a customer or making dinner for the family. With call whisper, you answer the phone and are instantly reminded why that particular customer is calling, allowing you to sound more professional and prepared to handle their needs.

Here are some of the ways call whisper can further benefit your business: 

1. Improve Customer Experience

With call whisper, the critical information before answering a call enables the call to be answered with greater efficiency, providing customers with faster response times and more personalised service. 

2. Save Time and Money

With a cloud-based system like AVANSER, there is no need to purchase new equipment or set up any special hardware. Additionally, calls can be handled more efficiently as the time spent on gathering intelligence is significantly reduced since they have an idea who they are speaking with prior to picking up the phone. 

3. Optimise Marketing Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

How often do you hear prospects saying “I found you through your Instagram” or “The ad you have on Federal highway is so interesting!”? Highly likely not often at all. Call whisper allows you to know with great confidence which platform and campaigns are converting, and which isn’t. 

Call Whisper is a great way to make your calls more personalised. It helps you qualify leads, nudging them towards taking the next step with your business.

Be ever ready to answer your calls

Call whisper is a feature often underutilised. It announces to you who is calling, even before you answer the call. It’s a way to know in advance whether you need to pull up a customer’s file or prepare for an important call. Call whisper is simple to set up and easy to use, what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and be ever ready to answer every call!