Omnichannel Communication

Give your customers a seamless experience of interacting with you throughout the sales journey.

attribute leads

Attribute leads

Understand your customers before you connect with them

First impression matters. Know which channel or campaign your customers are coming from and their intentions, so that you can have an awesome first contact with them.

Maintain message consistency

Build trust across multiple interactions

Want to make sure you’re not repeating yourself or jumping too far ahead but can’t remember all the conversation details? Let the system be your memory buddy. Refer to it any time to know how best to steer the next conversation.

chat messages
pipeline and schedule

Follow up conversations

Nurture and convert leads along the pipeline

Customers vary in interest, the information needed and frequency of contact before deciding their next course of action. Easily manage all of that in one place to ensure the right customer gets the right information at the right time.


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