How Call Rotator Helps Businesses Stay Competitive

A call rotator is a simple, yet incredibly useful tool that sends inbound calls to a specified set of numbers in a pre-defined order. The order of the numbers can be changed by the user themselves, at any time. It’s a great way to find out who’s available to handle the call and make sure inbound calls are distributed evenly amongst all your agents.

Here is an example of how it works: Say you have two agents. You can configure it so that when you receive inbound calls, the first agent gets the first call and the second agent gets the second call. Or if you’re using more than one number for your business, then you can use custom routing rules to decide what number gets called based on different factors like time of day or caller ID.

Now that we have a general understanding of what a call rotator is and how it works, let’s dive into how it helps businesses stay competitive in today’s world.

Cut down on lost opportunities

Oftentimes, businesses lose potential customers due to a lack of responses. When a prospect reaches out, businesses should have a system or process to ensure that their message gets to the right person, who can then respond in a timely manner. After all, when it comes to sales and customer service, every second counts, especially when competition is tight. 

With a call rotator in place, businesses enable their sales or customer service agents to receive calls from multiple hotlines based on their availability. It also allows for multiple teams to be organised so that each one can receive their own specific calls. This gives them more flexibility in how they manage their time and how they prioritise customers, allowing them to focus on the most urgent issues first.

As call rotator is designed to help businesses make the most out of inbound calls by ensuring that no call goes unanswered, in the event that one agent is unavailable, another will pick up instead. This means no lost opportunities for businesses! 

Improve customer service

Customer service plays a significant role in customer experience, which is the heart of any business. According to PWC, customer experience is everything. A great customer experience will help you stand out from the competition, improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty and drive repeat sales. It is the key brand differentiator in our rapidly changing world.

As customers require a lot more from companies now than ever before, they expect to be able to get answers quickly, whenever they encounter a problem or have a question about a product or service. It doesn’t matter if it’s 9 pm on Sunday night; if they want to speak with someone, then they want to speak with someone.

Sounds overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. A call rotator enables businesses to provide unparalleled customer service with ease. The distribution of inbound calls between several phone numbers helps to make sure that every customer gets the company’s undivided attention. Additionally, businesses can also use it to ensure that all of their employees receive an even number of calls and are able to handle them in a timely manner. Getting more customers serviced with fewer resources is possible thanks to the flexibility provided by the call rotator!

Increase lead conversions

How do we get more customers? A question many, if not all, businesses might have found themselves asking constantly. In this competitive world, it is hard for businesses to thrive without proper marketing strategies. But that’s just half the battle. Once leads start to flow in, they need to ensure that they are ready to nurture and convert those leads.

With a call rotator, businesses can increase lead conversions by making sure every call is answered professionally by a live person. During peak periods, they can design a secondary route and let the call rotator handle the overflow. Alternatively, businesses can also create a customised routing menu that meets their needs and assists their callers in finding the right department or information they require. Have more control over how inbound calls are handled and never miss out on a lead again!

Thrive, with a call rotator!

Call rotator is an underrated tool that allows businesses of all sizes and in all industries to manage their calls and direct them to the right department or agent with ease. It also enables agents to be in multiple places at once by allowing them to take calls from their own numbers while working remotely. This not only helps businesses save money on long-distance charges, it also allows agents who need to work remotely for personal reasons (like taking care of their children or commuting) the freedom they need while maintaining a high level of productivity.

With the flexibility and scalability it provides, we believe that you can do more than just survive in the business world—we think you can thrive! Don’t get overwhelmed with inbound calls, let AVANSER’s call rotator take care of that for you.