Malaysian Property Virtual Talkshow 2021

Go Digital, Work From Home

How can the real estate market thrive in 2021 despite being in lockdown?

Ever since the beginning of 2020, many of us have had to learn how to work from home remotely. As of today, almost 7 million Malaysians have already adopted the WFH Movement!

With the uncertainties of MCO and stringent SOPs to follow, ProSales and AVANSER have joined hands to bring the “perfect solution” for real estate professionals. This solution covers the sales and marketing process for developers, real estate agents and finally buyers.

Best of all, the solution presented allows all parties to complete the sales journey from the comfort of their home. From the generation of interest with marketing materials and organisation of virtual visits to showrooms, to the follow-up and signing of SPA, ProSales and AVANSER enable you to improve customers experience, even if it’s virtual.

Watch the recording here and learn directly from Mr Alfred Tan, CEO of MNC Tech and regional director of AVANSER Malaysia, and Mr Chuah Huai Jie, CEO of ProSales, how the “virtual-property-buying-journey-A-to-Z” is already happening at this year’s Malaysian Property Virtual Talkshow.