3 Sales Call Tips You Can’t Ignore

*ring* *ring*

You look over your phone in the morning to see an unfamiliar number, what do you do?

For most people, they either ignore it or end it without answering and go about their day. 

Now, what if you were on the other side of the call as the caller, trying to reach your prospect again and again? It’s hard enough to gauge when they will pick up and it’s even more crucial to engage with them and build trust over the conversation when they do pick up.

Let’s look at 3 sales call tips to increase your chances of qualifying your leads.

call between 4 to 5pm

TIP #1: Call between 4.00pm to 5.00pm

Morning calls tend to go unanswered but it is important to get an opportunity to engage with your prospects. 

People are usually catching up with work or running errands and are fairly occupied in the morning. Calls that are less urgent often take a backseat till the afternoon. However, avoid calling during lunch hour at all costs when people are away from their desks or out and about.

Hence, try giving your prospect a call later in the day between 4.00pm to 5.00pm to establish first contact or schedule a better time to talk if needed.

Nonetheless, if you’re the one receiving the call and weren’t able to respond, call back as soon as possible while your lead is still hot.

converse for 3 mins or more

TIP #2: Converse for 3 minutes or more

Although the length of initial cold calls may vary from prospect to prospect, data has shown that sales personnel who utilise good call techniques are able to hold the conversation for an average of 3 minutes.

These 3 minutes not only provides the opportunities for you to share your product offering but also allows you to understand your prospect more through the questions they ask and subsequently qualify your leads based on their interest.

follow up a minimum of 8 times

TIP #3: Follow up a minimum of 8 times

Data has also shown that a minimum of 8 calls from the first conversation is fundamental to break the ice and to build trust and collaboration successfully, which in turn increases the likelihood of closing a deal.

You’ve got it! Keep persevering!

If you’ve found that most of your calls have gone unanswered, or simply want to improve your chances of qualifying leads, try to include these 3 sales call tips.

An encouragement to all our friends who does sales out there, continue to persevere in your calling! You never know how close you are to closing that deal. After all, any relationship takes a couple of attempts and lots of understanding to build.

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